Other Resources


  • For reviewing statistics concepts, past students have recommended video lessons from Khan Academy and Brandon Foltz (which has ads), especially for reviewing distributions, hypothesis testing, and type I and type II error.
  • Explained Visually: a website that visualizes some concepts from class (markov, conditional probability, eigenvectors, etc.)
  • Where did the Gaussian (normal) distribution come from? see Stahl, 1996 article in Canvas site Readings folder
  • 1-sided vs 2-sided tests for a change in the variance: NIST Engineering Statistics Handbook, Chi-Square Test for the Variance (If you're using a 2-sided test, you need to look up alpha/2 in the chi-squared tables, as shown on the link.)


The UW eScience institute offers data science office hours which could be useful for your projects or your own research work.